What Can I Do With A Writing Major?

Our major is in Writing & Linguistics, a much broader, much more flexible major than a Creative Writing Major.  Our students have the option of taking many or just a few classes in creative writing.  However, if you’re a writer, writing creatively will be a passion for you and you will want to take as many courses as possible to be more flexible with the various opportunities available to creative writers.

Most of our majors place in prestigious masters program that can lead to careers in the publishing industry as editors of magazines, newspapers or journals, or literary agents and printing press editors, or else as teachers of creative writing in various settings.  Many also end up working for nonprofit literary arts organizations.  Some take the television path and end up with creative careers in advertising and film or television production, while others choose paths in library sciences, journalism and even the law.

All of them learn to write competitively and to build creative careers as novelists, poets, fiction writers, screenwriters, dramatists, and creative nonfiction writers.

Our major will prepare you for graduate school in creative writing or as a freelance creative writer, while also give you a strong background in the growing areas of technical writing, writing studies and linguistics.

The possibilities are infinite, but here are a few career paths that a writing major can easily slip into:

  • Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Documentation writer for the technology sector
  • Advertising (here you may actually get to exercise your creative skills, albeit in a commercially directed way)
  • Marketing (there are many suppliers that produce collateral materials for product managers in all manner of companies)
  • Social Media
  • Nonprofit
  • Grant Writing
  • Textbook development

Careers for writers are expected to grow due to an increased need for stronger communication skills, facility with social media and ability with visual design.  More and more companies are interested in creative thinkers with high-level writing skills.  Writing well and writing persuasively will give you an edge over almost any other major in the humanities.


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