Congrats to W&L Major Kat Delhingaro

We start off 2018 with good news, with a first publication from our major, Kat Delhingaro on Two Cities review.  “After That Night” is a creative nonfiction piece and it’s a “Feature” on Two Cities.

Here is the link. Enjoy!


Encouragement [Poems] for Writers

For When You Start to Give Up

Remember your accomplishments:

You’ve given life to paper.

Made universes from drops of ink.

Formed souls out of thin air.

Like how the body swirls the blood,

Inside of you swirls Enchantment,


Delicious mystery.

The kind that only you can produce.

The kind that you have shown to produce time and time again.

Why not one more time?

Another Reminder

Are you aware that

Through the glides of your pen

You are infinite

Imagination beats on

Storytellers never die 

Student Justin Willoughby Publishes in Microfiction Monday Magazine

Welcome back!

The new year brings us tidings of success, as we’ve just received the first confirmed student publication of the year.

Congrats Justin Willoughby for getting his mirco fiction piece, “Tired of Jewels” in this January 5 edition of

Microfiction Monday Magazine

Microfiction Monday Magazine

Justin received confirmation of his publication just this past December 30th.  What a way to start the new year, huh, Justin? Keep writing those horror micro pieces.  We love it.