Harbuck 2013

We are happy to report on our 5th annual Harbuck Scholarship Award with a digital recording of the event.

First is the introduction, hosting by Eric Nelson, followed by opening remarks by Dr. Dan Bauer, Chair of Writing & Linguistics.  There follows an inspiring short speech by writer Janisse Ray who reminds us of the importance of the award and of the good that the new nominees bring into the world with their beautiful words. There follows a reading of Ally Harbuck’s own poems performed by Eric Nelson.  Finally Debi Harbuck (Ally’s mother and founder of the award) awards the new winner, Taylor Tyson with the traditional basket of books and reads to us a moving memoir about her daughter Ally, whose passion for writing brought us all together on this beautiful night of celebration.  Enjoy, and more to come soon.

These poems, performed by Eric Nelson, were written by Ally Harbuck during her junior year at Savannah Arts Academy.  What a talent!

Tossed Salad

Ally Harbuck

August 30, 2002

Sitting in the bowl of the auditorium,

Listening to the rain slide like dressing down the window

And the mumblings of the teacher

At the front of the room.

An orange, black, green, gray, white

Sea of shirts;

A white, black, chocolate, butterscotch

Sea of skin.

Many races,

Many religions,

Mixed like a tossed salad

In this sea of a hundred faces.

One Way Down A Two Way Street

October 9, 2002

If one day you feel like crying…

Call me.

I don’t promise

I will make you laugh,

But I can cry with you.

If one day you want to run away…

Don’t be afraid to call me.

I don’t promise

I will ask you to stay,

But I can run with you.

If one day you don’t want to listen to anybody

Call me

And I promise

To be very, very quiet.


If one day you call

And there is no answer…

Come fast to see me.

Perhaps I need you.

And below is a recording of Taylor Tyson reading from his winning entries. Congratulations, Taylor.  Taylor also won the Powell Award this year for the nonfiction category.  He certainly seems to be taking Georgia Southern by storm. His reading is dynamic, full of sensitivity and humor.  Highly enjoyable.

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