Creative Alumni

The Sweet Graduates: here is a short, non-inclusive list of alumni we kept track of, who let us know of their success.  If you’re a graduate and would like to let us know what you’re up to, please write to us.

Kate Beasley

Kate Beasley graduated with honors from Georgia Southern and went on to pursue an MFA in writing for young readers at Vermont College.  Soon after her MFA, Kate sold her first book, Gertie’s Leap to Greatness to the prestigious Farrar, Strauss and Giroux publisher.

Cassie Beasley

Cassie Beasley graduated with honors from Georgia Southern University and went on to pursue an MFA in writing for young readers at Vermont College.  Like her sister, Kate, Cassie also met with fortune soon after graduating, with her MG book The Circus Mirandus, published by the long-standing, well-respected Penguin Books.

Zachary C. Bush

Zachary C. Bush is the author of 3 collections of poetry: The Silence of Sickness (Gold Wake Press, 2010), At Swan Decapitation (VOX Press, 2010), and Angles of Disorder (BlazeVOX books, 2009). He is also the author of nine chapbooks, including Is This Deformed?, by Kendra Steiner Editions (2010). He earned his MFA in creative writing from the City College of New York.

Katie Brookins

Brookins won the University’s Department of Writing and Linguistics Brittany “Ally” Harbuck Scholarship for “Battle Soot”, and presented her work at the University’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences CURIO Undergraduate Symposium and at the national Council for Undergraduate Research held at the Library of Congress. She now works with Smyth and Helwys Books Publishers.

Patrick Shuler

Patrick Shuler won the Brittany “Ally” Harbuck scholarship for his story, “Pixel on a Screen” which was also published in Catastrophia an anthology of short fiction edited by Allen Ashley.  Shuler also authored the story, “You Kill It, You Eat It,” which was first prize winner of the Stony Brook Southampton Short Fiction Prize.   2017 update: Patrick Shuler is enrolled in Law School with a scholarship at UGA. Congratulations, Patrick!

Grace Simmons

After graduating with a B.A. degree in Writing and Linguistics from Georgia Southern University in 2012, Grace Simmons served as a member of the armed forces and was deployed to Afghanistan, where a lot of her work consisted of technical writing, including revising the transportation contract, serving as a liaison between the U.S. government and Afghan trucking carriers. Currently, Grace is finishing up her thesis, which reviews how Luke Cage, a Netflix-Marvel web series, discussed political  and social issues like police brutality. She hopes to be able to defend in April and walk across the stage in May with her Master’s degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations from Bowie State University in Maryland. She ultimately plans to pursue a career working for a non-profit where she can use the skills she has acquired to help find resources and connections with other companies.

Rucker Manley

Rucker Manley pursued an MFA in Screenwriting at Boston University.  He reads scripts for COTA Films and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Burney Marsh

Burney Marsh obtained his MFA in Fiction at Goddard College. He was editor of Clapboard House, a celebrated literary journal, and is now one of the editors of Wraparound South. He teaches creative writing and composition at Georgia Southern University.

Ben Mitchell

After graduating Georgia Southern, Ben was accepted into the MFA program at Georgia College and State University with financial support. He is now Assistant Managing Editor of Arts & Letters, the University’s long-established and well-respected literary journal.

Chad Sanderson

Promptly after graduating from Georgia Southern University in 2012, Chad Sanderson made his first foray into international business and has been developing his craft and improving at a rapid pace ever since. A skilled writer, editor, and graphic designer, Chad won numerous awards and has been featured on both local (American) and international publications for a variety of different creative enterprises.

Since then, Chad’s focus has been in the world of marketing and analytics. Specializing in website optimization, maximizing ROI and digital ad spend in particular, while serving as the primary creative in web design as well ad design and copy writing, Chad has an eye for turning poorly performing websites into super converters.

Chad is currently based in Manhattan, New York.

Brandi Wells

Brandi Wells is Managing Editor of The Black Warrior Review and Web Editor at Hobart. She is the author of Please Don’t Be Upset (Tiny Hardcore Press) and  Poisonhorse (Nephew, An imprint of Mudluscious Press). Her fiction can be found in Salamander, Mid-American Review, 14 Hills, Juked, and many other journals.


Congratulations to these alum who recently graduated or are currently enrolled in MFA programs:

Aleyna Rentz (John Hopkins MFA)
James Cody Phenis (Georgia College and State University MFA)
Heath Harrington (Hamline College)
Emily Haymans (New Mexico State)
Kaela McNeil (Emerson College)
Catherine Kidd (San Francisco State University)

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