Super Congrats!!!


Georgia Southern University’s Brandi Hanna has been accepted to the MFA degree program at Louisiana State University.

On top of that, she has been accepted tuition free, with a paid assistant-ship for the full 3 years of the program.

That is awesome news Brandi!!! May you shine at LSU as you’ve shined here.

Best wishes! 


2017 Fledge Award Winners


Professors Benjamin Drevlow and Chris Smith from the Department of Writing & Linguistics, and the Department itself, are all delighted to announce the stellar winners of the 2017 Fledge First-Year Writing Awards. The winners are as follows:

  • For Memoir & Personal Essay, Gabrielle Darr held her own and dominated
  • For Fiction & Poetry, Conner Kirsch astounded and dazzled
  • Erin Maurer left the judges awestruck in the Analysis and Criticism category
  • And last, though certainly not least, Ana Morer presented a beautiful piece for the Synthesis and Argument category

Darr, Kirsch, Maurer, and Morer were all hard-working students, determined in their pursuit of the Fledge Writing Award. All of these fantastic young writers, as well as the other equally gifted writers who have been chosen to be published in the 2017 issue of Fledge, will read at the Fledge First-Year Writing Awards ceremony, which will be held on Wednesday, April 26, of this year. The ceremony will take place in the Nessmith Lane building, in room 2911, beginning at 7:00pm and ending at 8:00pm. All contributors, students, and faculty are invited, and anyone else who would like to listen to amazing first-year writing. If interested in more information about Fledge, or the Fledge awards ceremony, please do not hesitate to contact Benjamin Drevlow. He would love it.

Lastyly, congratulations to every single one of you! May you all continue to achieve, and to make the Department of W&L, and yourselves, proud every step of your journeys.


How the World Exists

“The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want.”


As I read this quote by the late American short story writer and novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, I like to think that he was talking about us writers. In particular, about how  our creative worlds are completely in our hands. That we have the power to make stories, events, lives as big or as small as we want them to be. That with our pencils, our wild imaginations, and a space to let it all go, we can become the embodiment of freedom.

It is quotes like these from writers who have come before my time that motivate me when I need motivation, or that remind me of my power when, in the moments I am facing a creativity block, I feel powerless. Authors, novelists, and poets before me, I believe, hold wisdom in bountiful bushels, that will remain in abundance for the generations to come. With this being said,  my fellow writer-Eagles, I believe it is important for us to look back sometimes and to tap into this wisdom.

We cannot even begin to hope to become the writers we desire to become if we are not willing to take the advice of those who have gone before us. Those who have trodden on the road that now stretches out in front of us. Those who have gotten their butts kicked with rejection after rejection, but who have continued to show up and return, all the more determined.

With this, writer friends, I encourage you on your journey, to never stop learning, to never stop being guided, and to never forget how the world exists: only in your gifted, powerful, and unlimited eyes.