Memorial and Senior Reading

Faculty and students of the Department of Writing & Linguistics join with student leadership of the Student Nurses’ Association, Kappa Delta Sorority, AlpIMG_0450ha Delta Pi Sorority and Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority in honoring and mourning the death of the five nursing students who lost their lives April 22 in a tragic car accident.

The Senior Gala Reading event that had been scheduled for today was postponed by agreement of faculty and students to respect the grieving families and to join the community in honoring the five bright souls of the students we lost.

The senior reading is postponed to Tuesday, April 28 at 7PM and thank everyone for their patience, understanding, and solidarity in joining the community and families of the girls tonight in a vigil.

The School of Nursing Students’ Memorial Fund has been established to honor the five nursing students who tragically lost their lives. Donations can be made to the fund by clicking here.

Gifts can also be mailed to:

Georgia Southern University Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 8053-02

Statesboro, GA 30460

We also thank the entrepreneurial, compassionate students who were giving away flowers today in honor of the girls. It is a sad day at Georgia Southern, but one made meaningful by everyone’s compassion and contributions.


Student donating flowers in honor of the victims of the April 22 accident.


Interesting Things I learned at AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs):

Look at the map of the city before you get there, you might find cool places to eat and be able to find your way around a lot more easier. The Google Maps app cannot be trusted, sometimes it leads you to very strange places.

Try to get the closest hotel you can to the convention center that is hosting AWP. It’s not fun to walk almost a mile to get there. Especially if you’re going to be carting around all the books, and lit magazines you’ve bought during the day.

If you’re staying in a room with more than just two people bring an extension cord, It gives you more plugs to use because you never know how many outlets there will be at your hotel.

Bring a tote back, you will be buying a lot of books and it’s always a good idea to have a place to put them. Also the tote back is good for bringing small snacks, a water bottle and other things like band-aids, headache medicine. Because trust me you don’t want to have to pay $3.50 for a water bottle.

Remember to bring a good pair of shoes. I thought I would be okay with the boots I brought but I killed my feet within the first day. Dealing with blisters is never fun.

Find a post office not in the convention center. If you’re flying you don’t have the space for your books so most people will send them through the mail, but the wait for the post office there was almost two hours, the line was out the door! Even if you have to walk a little bit further the smaller line is worth it.

If you know someone who works at a table ask them if you could stash your things there, it was really useful when I had a coat and I could just hide it away and didn’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day but don’t forget to pick it!

Realize that you’re only human, thinking you can go to 5 panels everyday is just over reaching yourself. Take a breath, drink a coffee (or a beverage of your choice) and explore the city. It’s nice to just walk around and think about the cool things you learned instead of trying to stuff as much information down your throat at one time. Also give yourself a long period of time to look through the book fair. Because let’s face it, books are awesome!