Creative Classes Still Open

Friends, if you’re still looking for that perfect class and you’re a writing major or minor or anyway interested in writing, we still have plenty of cool courses left.

Check this

Intro to Creative Writing WRIT 3130: still plenty of room available in Eric Nelson’s (MW 2:30 to 3:45) and Emily Bolden’s (T Th 5-6:15) classes as well as one lonely seat left in Dr. Terry Welford’s class (4-5:15 MW).  Intro to creative writing teaches you the foundations of writing stories, poems, and narrative essays. It’s a fun course that opens up the way for a variety of other creative courses.

Speaking of Emma Bolden, Advanced Creative Non Fiction WRIT 5531 (3:30-4:45 T Th) still has seats left.  Learn all about how you turn your real-life experiences into engaging stories.  Everyone has something that happened to them that should be shared.  It’s important! So don’t skip over this one because it’s offered only once a year.

Fiction Writing WRIT 4530: as of today Laura Valeri’s course still has a few seats open.  If you think you want to some day write a novel, start first with this course on short stories to get your warmup. We write really cool and crazy stuff including short, really, really short, tiny, tiny fiction (try telling a story in 10 words or less, go on, I dare you!)  and stories about thugs who turn into babies and zombies who mow your neighbor’s lawn at 2 in the morning – who does that? MW from 2:30-3:45

Poetry Writing WRIT 4430 with the multiple award-winning Eric Nelson will take you through the world of musical and imagistic wonder that is poetry.  5:30-6:45 MW

If you’re looking for a 2,000 level area F course, what could be better than Dr. Terry Welford’s Writing The Undead WRIT 2090 B? All about zombies, vampires, and all sorts of creepy crawlers.  MWF from 10 to 11:15.  Come on, folks. This is worth coming to campus on a Friday.

Or, if you’re really into fairy tales and cool myths, why not have a look at Dr. Sarah Domet’s Retellings and Retelling WRIT 2133.  Want to make your own version of Maleficent? How about post-apocalypse Cinderella? I’m sure there’s a retelling in you somewhere, just urging to sign up for this class.  11:15-12:05 MW.  Only a few seats left, so hurry!