Announcing New Study Abroad Program in Italy

Italy Ancient and Modern

Italy Ancient and Modern is a 5 week summer study abroad program that will bring you to some of the most important historical and archeological sites in Italy.  We will be based just outside of Rome, in the medieval village of Monte Compatri.  Your five weeks of study in Italy will earn you six credit hours towards graduation.  The program offers four courses (Food and Travel WritingWorld CivilizationAmerican Encounters with Memory and Identity in Italy, and The Ancient Roman City); you can choose the two courses that best fit your personal and academic needs.
This program is unique in that we will be working and building relationships with our local hosts (musicians, journalists, anthropologists, and students like you) as we tour some of the most important historical and archeological sites in the country.  All participants will share a common core of activities that allow you to explore two distinct but related cultures — ancient Rome and contemporary Italy —  as well as to discover your connections with each other and with our own American culture and society.  Subjects that you can study include: ancient history, popular culture in Italy, archaeology, food and culture, art history, travel writing, historic preservation, memory and identity, and ancient and modern urbanism.
For more information, visit the website or contact:

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