Graduate Spotlight: Brandi Wells

While many students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in writing & linguistics go straight into their careers, some decide to continue their education and pursue a master’s degree. One such graduate is Brandi Wells.

Wells is the author of two story collections, Please Don’t be Upset (Tiny Hardcore Press, 2011) and Poisonhorse (Nephew, An imprint of Mudluscious Press, 2013), and she has been published in several journals including Salamander, Mid-American Review, 14 Hills, and Juked. She is currently a MFA candidate at the University of Alabama, the editor of Black Warrior Review, and a web editor at Hobart.

While Wells has had her successes, she will tell you that it hasn’t been easy for her to get where she is today. Wells wasn’t accepted into any graduate programs the first time she applied, which was a setback.

“You’re basically submitting yourself through your writing,” Wells said. “So when you get rejected, you feel like they are rejecting you as a person and that’s hard.”

The second time she applied, however, she was accepted into the University of Alabama’s MFA program, where she has had the opportunity to hone her writing skills while gaining editing experience with the university’s literary journal.

When it comes to writing and working to get published, Wells has advice for students trying to get their works published.

“I think if you’re just starting to submit or publish, the only advice I can give is to read a lot of journals,” Wells said. “Subscribe to some journals and read journals online. If you like a story or poem or essay, find other places that person has published and read everything that journal has published. Keep going. Keep reading.”

She also says that students need to be comfortable with the fact that all writers get rejected and not to let that stop them from writing and submitting their work.


Wells will be graduating this May and she is hoping to continue her education in creative writing PhD programs.   She is currently working on another book, and if you would like more information on Brandi Wells and her writing, you can visit her website