Alumnus Returns to Newton (New Faculty Profile)

With October already upon us, and Midterms around the corner, we are ALL starting to feel the full brunt of Fall semester– what with all the deadlines, essays, revisions, and readings. Time is of the essence, and most days we are grasping for a minute of silence, and maybe a moment where we can close our eyes and take a break from…reading! In keeping with this need, or demand, I will keep this week’s blog piece short. Instead of exploring rhetorical theories, revision practice, the role of psychoanalysis and gender studies in reading Ancient Greek Mythology (don’t ask unless you have a lot of time…and coffee), or the state of publishing in the indie press, I’d like to introduce myself:

My name is Zachary C. Bush. I am a visiting assistant professor of writing (first year writing) in W&L. Just this past June, after being hired by GSU, my fiancee and I moved from the New York City area to Savannah, GA. This was an extremely difficult move for two humans and two cats to make, but it was much easier knowing that I was returning home.

In Dec. of 2007, I graduated Georgia Southern with a B.A. in Writing and Linguistics (Creative Writing). After graduating from W&L, I entered an M.F.A. program at the City College of New York (CUNY), where I studied poetry with poets David Groff and Elaine Equi, and literature with some highly recognized faculty from the CUNY Graduate Center. From Spring 2008 – Spring 2010, I wrote three books of poetry– Angles of Disorder (BlazeVOX books, 2009); At Swan Decapitation (VOX PRESS, 2010); Silence of Sickness (Gold Wake Press, 2009).

After completing my M.F.A., I decided to take my 18+ graduate literature courses even further by pursuing an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in mythological literature. Last summer I completed my course work in the D.LITT. program at Drew University, and I am currently writing my dissertation: “The Epic Hero’s Quest for Wholeness: Odysseus’ Orphic-Inspired Descent into the Underworld.” In 2011, Gold Wake Press, the press that once nominated me for the Pushcart Prize, reissued Silence of Sickness in combination with Donora Hillard’s Theology of the Body under the newly released title, Covenant.

I am currently consumed in writing and editing chapters for my dissertation–very exciting stuff– as well as working on theological / spiritual essays, but I do have big plans for revamping my creative writing in the near future– I hope to find a balance between prose poetry and essay.  Being back in Newton has been an extremely exciting and inspiring transition…and I do not regret leaving the art scene of NYC for Southeast, GA (no matter how crazy my friends from up North think I am for having done so). I am thrilled to be able to share my experience with writing (as both GSU alum and published writer) with some of the most talented undergraduates in America… in a writing program that rivals the quality (and faculty) of many M.F.A. programs.


About zacharycbush

I work as a visiting professor of writing. Beyond my professional life, I enjoy watching sports, lifting weights, spending time at the beach, traveling, and spending time with my pets, friends, and family. In addition, I hope to complete (and successfully defend) my doctoral dissertation on Homer's 'Odyssey' in Dec. of 2014. My fiancee and I recently moved from Hoboken, NJ, to South Georgia. We are active members at Wesley Monumental Methodist Church in Savannah, GA.

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    • Thanks, Laura! We will chat sometime soon. With such comfortable chairs in your office, and a microwave, probably sooner than later. Good luck this weekend. Wish we could be there, but we are going to see Sigur Ros on Saturday night. Wonderful Icelandic band.

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