Punt Your Writer’s Block This Season

With the summer days slowly dwindling into cool nights and breezy mornings, I have been overrun with thoughts of leaves bursting with color, marsh mellows roasting in a night fire and days without sweating on the way to class. The cool air has giving me an itch for the fall, a hope that the warm Statesboro humidity will soon be on its way out of town. As I sat down last night to put the final touches on a poem due for class, I realized that my itch for fall had taken over my writing and captured what I love most about my favorite time of year. My words were passionate for the moments of fall. They were full of delight and longing for the moments to last forever. The words fell together perfectly, unlike the days filled with writers block and for a writer, it was a moment of unrushed, bleak clarity.

The question is was this moment of writing bliss just a coincident or can a change of season bring a new life perspective?

To me, the later is true. A new season is a fresh start. It’s a time where pool parties change into Saturday game days and when burning temperature turn into flames of the night. Our moods change, our plans change, our clothes change and, ding ding ding, our writing changes.

The spurt of a new season is a writers dream. There is a part of nature changing, leaves morphing into the colors of the rainbows and, eventually, falling to give us a place to land as we jump into the mountains they make. The deer begin moving and give some the chance to hunt, while others admire the timid beauty and bold character of the animals that skip through the streets and fields. There is a new magic in the air, a thrilling sense of what could be, of what will be. It is the present and a bit the future rolled into one. A peak of our imagination and passion, the punt of writers block into another land.

Yes, a new season can give writers a whole new world of ideas. Take advantage of them. Kick your writer’s block to the curb.

By: Christine Lengel


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