Blessed by Professors By: Christine Lengel

In honor of the Professors of the Department of Writing and Linguistics and Nation Poetry Writing Month:


 Passion with no craft


The school I attend

Seems to have knowledge

Bursting from every corner

Seeping through wise mouths

Into desirous brains.

As the aspiration of education grows,

The more questions are asked,

The more advice students seek

And its only then that we realize

Professors jump through hoops

Of their own,

Striving to publish novels, poems,

Short stories and research for

Those who do not inhabit

The world of literature and arts.


As a writing student,

My dreams capture my mind

Pushing me to publish

And motivating me to make a difference

With my words.

Without the wisdom shared with me

From the men and women

Who fill our classrooms,

I would have only passion

And no way to advance

My writing through craft.

I am blessed to have mentors

Such as these.


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