Ways to Get Your Writing Noticed – Christine Lengel

Although writing can become a mundane task that squeezes your hands and tires your eyes, it is a passion of my colleagues and I. As I spoke in a previous post, we spend our days filling pages and pages of blank paper with creative work. We use our words to express ourselves, to tell our story. Once our words are on paper, we are left wondering if we are the only ones who will ever read our work. Luckily, Georgia Southern offers several ways to for new writers to get their work noticed.

Miscellany Magazine of the Arts is a magazine that relies on student submissions for publication. Miscellany publishes short stories, Prose, Poetry, and also art submissions including drawing and painting and more. This magazine offers an amazing opportunity for student writers on campus to publish work written inside or outside of the classroom. One major benefit to this magazine of the arts is that there is no submission fee. I encourage all students to look into submitting to this magazine for the arts, which is taking submissions until February 22, 2013.

Fledge is a journal of outstanding first-year writing. The majority of students entering the freshman class at Georgia Southern University are required to take English 1101 and English 1102. These classes are built to teach students about research writing, pushing students to delve into writing assignments and research papers throughout the semester. Fledge is looking to find the excellent writing that comes from these classes, giving freshman students a publishing opportunity. This journal is published twice a year, but takes rolling submissions and nominations.

The Roy Powell Awards is a, once in a year, way for Georgia Southern students to get their finest writing recognized. This writing competition includes three entry categories; poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. One or more professor in the Writing and Linguistics Department carefully examine each writing submission and a winner is chosen in each category. The winner receives recognition at Honors Day, their winning piece published in Miscellany Magazine of the Arts, and they win a one hundred dollar prize. As I said before, this contest is a once in a year opportunity taking submissions until this Monday, February 18, 2013.

All of these opportunities to get your writing noticed by others and possibly published is right at your fingertips. Consider taking a chance. Who knows your name could be the one published next.

For more information about the Miscellany and Fledge check out there websites blow. To see The Roy Powell Awards submission guidelines check out the news page on this blog.

Miscellany: http://gsumiscellany.wordpress.com/

Fledge: http://class.georgiasouthern.edu/writling/fledge/


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