What’s Inside Those Newton Walls by Christine Lengel

As a student of Georgia Southern University, I come to campus every day prepared to learn and ready to have professors challenge me. Each day as I walk along the cobblestone paths past the numerous brick buildings, I notice the ominous feeling these buildings leave me with. As I approach the Newton building, I examine these bricks even closer and think about the off white classrooms waiting inside, realizing that Newton is just like any other building on campus.

When I reach my classroom for the day, I remember that unlike math or biology, my writing classes are a special place. It’s a time where my professors, who are novelists and poets with multiple published books, challenge me to make a difference. They pull me into a world where my words make a meaningless conversation into an enticing piece of art that leave people wanting more.

As a class, we do not memorize terms or examine graphs to learn, we read world-renowned poems, short stories and novels analyzing the published work. We come to class and fill pages of blank notebook paper with words drawn from writing prompts. We share our writing with the class and find ways to build each other’s work. A classroom setting in the Newton building feels like a writing family, a support system.

Over the past three years and seven writing classes, I have grown to love those off white classroom walls and each time I leave I anticipate the next time I am reunited with the inspiration that I am greeted with inside them. As a voice of the students in the Writing and Linguistics Department, I believe that I can say, the professors of our department have shaped me into a better writer. Although inspiration is a huge part of writing something moving, there is a craft in writing and this craft must be taught. I can now take writing sprung from inspiration and comb it into an incredible piece of writing. I owe this and so much more to my professors in the Department of Writing and Linguistics.


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